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You need music and we've got it. By the barrel load.

'Nobody's gonna know! They're gonna know' - WE KNOW, cos it's our track.

From grime to hip-hop, electronica to indie. Whatever you need, whenever you need it. Over 200k tracks, and we release up to 20 albums a month from award winning composers and artists you can you can listen to on Spotify and Amazon. I know right! And the best bit is, we can cover you with an annual licence so you need never worry about music again, ever.

We soundtrack your stories.

Jess Nicks

Head of UK & Nordic Advertising


Jess has been with Audio Network for 5 years and heads up the team. Although she can't play an instrument (unless the kazoo counts?), she was a TV producer and editor before joining the company and has an uncanny knack of matching sound to picture. She's also a huge music geek which helps; dirty basslines, beautiful melodies, sweeping strings. All the good stuff.

Gareth Belsey

Music Consultant

Gareth joined the Audio Network Advertising Team in April 2021 and, with years of experience in music licensing and supervision, he knows how important it is to find the perfect track. He prides himself on cherry picking the best music from our treasure trove of a catalogue. A self-professed music nerd, you can find him in South London record shops spending too much on vinyl. 

Bangers and jams perfect for you, your brands and influencers.

Put your headphones on and...

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