But have you actually listened?

We reckon you secretly love Audio Network, but are scared to admit it. Who could blame you after being told production music is NOT REAL MUSIC.

BUT… What's not REAL about us releasing bangers from commercial artists? What's not REAL about hundreds of the UK's finest orchestral players coming together to record Grammy-winning composers scores in Abbey Road and Air Studios? Or producers getting air play on radio and featured in Spotify playlists? FAKE music, this is not. 

The truth is, if you don't already, you'll love so many of our artists and tracks, you just don’t know it yet.


Listen to the REAL DEAL below in a playlist we curated just for you.

Jess Nicks

Head of UK & Nordic Advertising


Jess has been with Audio Network for 7 years and heads up the team. Although she can't play an instrument (unless the kazoo counts?), she was a TV producer, editor and script writer before joining the company and has an uncanny knack of matching sound to picture. She's also an original junglist, multi-genre music-loving obsessive; or as Spotify calls her, The Adventurer.

Lorita Abazi

Music Consultant

Lorita joined Audio Network in June 2022 with years of experience in music licensing and supervision. From cherry-picking the music on Netflix’s hit show ‘Top Boy’, to running her own industry-exclusive A&R talent showcase and being a singer/songwriter herself, she is fully equipped to find a track that perfectly complements your edit. Hit her up!

Halana Palmer

Music Consultant

Halana is the newest member of team and has worked in music licensing and sync for several years and loves putting music to picture. She has a BA in songwriting, is a musician, and has even dabbled in radio curating and presenting too! She’s passionate about how music can help to tell a story, and loves that her day job means she gets to help brands tell theirs.

The new tracks we can't get enough of

And with 20 new albums a month, there's plenty more to come!

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