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Here are some links to our  Search Tips and our New Releases as well as our Editor's Toolkit where you can find SFX and sound design tracks. I've attached some user info including a few videos from our new SyncSmart campaign. We have just put this campaign together so it is a bit rough but I wanted to share it with you. The videos are in our best Finnish too  

As you might already know, through Yle 's blanket licence with us, you have unlimited access to download and use our tracks across all your productions.  All our music is cleared worldwide for all platforms forever. We currently have over 200,000 tracks in the catalogue and every track has multiple versions of different lengths and all tracks are available as instrumentals.  

My lovely colleague Sofie (on cc) heads up the Nordic team here at Audio Network and I am a Music Consultant for the Nordics alongside my wonderful colleague Jamie (on cc).  If you ever need a hand finding the right music for a specific project, please let us know as we are here to help.

Our vast roster of original music has not only authentic recordings by vastly talented artists and composers but also a huge range of versatile stems, non-vocals, alternates, and cut-downs. We're here to help you harness the creative power of music.



Our music is cleared for global sync, and on multiple platforms, forever. 


We have dedicated account managers & researchers who are all music experts.


To save you time, we offer hassle-free support on any device and powerful search tools. 

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We understand just how central music is to achieve your production vision


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Find the right music, with our powerful tools and services. Including lightning-fast search, music briefing, track auditioning, curated playlists & collections, discoverable on all major DSP platforms.

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Find tracks with our search tools, including filters, tags and bmp

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Find tracks with the support of our expert team

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Find the right track with downloadable, previewable mp3's and wav's

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Find tracks on all major DSP platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon

New Releases

Our latest releases for you to enjoy

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Our Nordics Team understand just how central music is to achieve your production vision and our on hand to offer expertise and support

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