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We know you need the best music for your video and digital content - and we'll help you find it. We offer a variety of music services and access to an unbeatable catalogue, with clear affordable licences to fit your needs.


Flexible Licensing & Bespoke Pricing
We own 100% of our music rights, reducing your usual commercial licensing costs and the administrative burden
Complete Coverage
We enable global distribution of music across any of your platforms, in perpetuity, with support on hand from our international teams
Centralised Music Partner
Find all your music needs in one place with our all-access subscriptions, account management, and music consultancy from our expert team

Every Genre Conceivable
Find exactly what you need, no matter how niche – our 200,000 track catalogue, created by 1,000+ artists and composers, covers every genre
Invested in Music
We use the very best musicians and orchestras, recording over 150 sessions annually at the iconic Abbey Road Studios - making sure our music production is second to none
Easy Search & Playlisting
Our super-powerful search tools and hub of hand-picked playlists - curated by content type, mood and genre - make discovering the perfect track simple

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