We know how time consuming filling out cue sheets can be,
so we've curated a set of handy tips and information to make
your cue sheet process even smoother. 

First Things First

You've used Audio Network tracks in your locally produced program broadcast in Australia and need to fill out a cue sheet.
Visit the APRA AMCOS website and navigate to their page on cue sheets. This page will supply you with a cue sheet template, an example cue sheet and some useful information on what details to include in your cue sheet.

Click the link below to take you straight there! 


Create A Project

If you haven't already, before you fill out the cue sheet we suggest creating a project on the Audio Network website with tracks that you've used in your edits. This will make it easier to gather all the relevant information you need for the cue sheet. To do this, search for the track you'd like to download, or have downloaded, navigate to the right of the track and click the folder button to 'Add to project'.


You'll then be prompted with a window that will allow you to add this track to a new or existing project. Once you've added all relevant tracks to your project, head to your 'Projects' and click through to the relevant project. Once you're in the project, click on the ellipses in right corner of the project and press 'download cue sheet'. This will download an excel document with the track information you'll need for the official cue sheet, making it easier to fill out the required information. 




Time To Fill Out Your Cue Sheet

*Enter info on how to fill out cue sheet + screenshots*

Submit Your Cue Sheet

Once you've sucessfully filled out your cue sheet, you can submit your cue sheet via the APRA AMCOS Online Cue System.
Alternatively, email them directly with your excel document. 

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