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Embracing an array of cultures, communities and experiences, these are the diverse musical stories of Latin America, as told by its artists, composers and musicians. From reggaeton to rumba, son to tango, discover a rich array of expceptional Afro-Latin music that communicates all the cultural richness of both its African, European and Indigenous origins and its subsquent evolution in the Caribeann, North, South and Central American contitental regions.

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Dive into our virtual listening session of highlights from our Latin Series collection.


Confident, sleek and seductive, this dancefloor-ready set of Urbano encompasses reggaeton, Latin EDM and Latin electro.

Afro - Peruvian

An earthy collection of Peruvian folk music featuring classical guitar, bass and traditional percussion including quijada and cajón.

Brasil with Soul

This is warm bossa nova infused with beautiful female vocals, daring flutes, classical guitar, drums and percussion including pandeiro.

Cumbia y Vallenato

Jkescorcia explores authentic Colombian Vallenato and Cumbia with a set built around accordion, acoustic and electric guitar, bass and percussion. 

Dominican Dembow

Powerful dembow meets EDM influences and romantic bachata fusion in this party-ready collection by King Batey and El Cara.

Funky Fiesta

From 4NALOG ft. Coval comes club-ready Latin pop-funk channelling 70s disco vibes with vibrant arrangements.

Guitars & Charangos 

From Ecuadorian ancestral ceremonial sounds to the music of the indigenous tribes of the Andean sierra.

Made in Panama

Encompassing energetic murga, tamborito and carnival anthems, Angel Balan Latin Project celebrate the sounds of Panama.

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