Philip Sheppard is an award-winning composer, producer, virtuoso cellist and professor at the Royal Academy of Music. He has composed over 60 film, TV, gaming and theatrical scores; his nominations include multiple Emmys and two Grammys, while he has received several awards for his works at Sundance. His portfolio as a producer includes globally recognised complex live events. He was music director for the London 2012 Handover sequence at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and Paralympics closing Ceremony, writing all scores. Recording with Jimmy Page and the London Symphony Orchestra, he re-scored & recorded all 205 of the world's National Anthems. Other credits include being music producer for the Tour de France, the Rugby World Cup and COP21 Paris Climate Change Summit. Feeling a pull towards contemporary over classical, his solo works have seen him collaborate with artists including David Bowie, Scott Walker, Suzanne Vega and Jarvis Cocker. He also regularly writes and plays with Odesza, Pretty Lights and UNKLE. In 2017 he was inducted into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as a member of the music class. He is also the recipient of a RAM Fellowship, a lifetime achievement award from the Royal Academy of Music for his services to music and education.

Philip Sheppard - Shut Your Eyes

Live at Lightship95 Studios 

Philip's latest album Shut Your Eyes came out in January, this is the first of three albums he'll be releasing in 2023, this will be followed by The Story of Your Life out at the beginning of February and then the final album, The Shape Of Things To Come at the end of March.

Please find links to Philip's albums below. 


Shut Your Eyes


Futurism Utopia


Futurism Dystopia


Orchestral Odyssey


Orchestral 2000

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