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Embracing an array of cultures, communities and experiences, these are the diverse musical stories of Latin America, as told by its artists, composers and musicians. From reggaeton to rumba, son to tango, discover a rich array of expceptional Afro-Latin music that communicates all the cultural richness of both its African, European and Indigenous origins and its subsquent evolution in the Caribeann, North, South and Central American contitental regions.


Dive into our virtual listening session of highlights from our extensive Latin Series collection.

Fiesta Latina

Powerful Latin trap and reggaeton meet dembow cumbia fusions in this eclectic selection from Granados. 

Brazilian Roadtrip

A journey through the musical traditions of Brazil with underscores ranging from relaxed bossa nova to hard rock fusions.

Pop De La Calle

Energetic merengue-pop meets mid-tempo Latin pop and uplifting reggaeton fusions with catchy beats and heartfelt male vocals. 

Cumbia Psicodélica

A mix of instrumental and vocal psychedelic Cumbia fusions by Mestizo with Colombian, Andean and Caribbean influences.

South American Journey

Pensive Latin instrumentals by composer and sound designer Horacio Valdivieso featuring electric and acoustic guitars.

Bachata Caliente

Passionate bachata with characterful male vocals ranging from reproachful to regret-filled and grief-stricken. 

Boleros Del Ayer

Traditional bolero exploring themes of newfound love and heartache with smooth, romantic and reflective arrangements.

Lo Nuestro Se Acabó

Blending mariachi music with norteño to create mariacheño, these heartfelt pieces feature trumpets and male harmony vocals.

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